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A free to download software that lets users easily search for and download music

A free to download software that lets users easily search for and download music

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Program by: Songr

Version: 2.1

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Songr is a program that will replace all the other music sharing software that you use because it searches the web to find new music for you. It gives you multiple ways to search for songs and can download songs almost instantly from YouTube.

Though you do not need to do a lot of set up to install and use this app, you will need to change the settings to use your preferences. You can click on the Search Engine settings to select only the search engines that you want the program to use, but you can also tell it to use all 15 search engines at the same time. Search preferences let you select the quality of the MP3 files you want to look for on a scale between good to excellent. It even lets you enable Google Spell Check to make sure that you do not spell band names or song titles wrong.

Using this app gives you the option of looking for music via YouTube too. If there is a song that you love, you can open the YouTube video in a new tab or window, copy the URL and paste the URL into the box on the program. It will then download a copy onto your computer and save it for you. With the Discover Music option, you can learn about new bands and hear songs you never heard before.

Songr offers plenty of customization options for your downloads too. You can have the program shut itself down and close all windows once downloads complete, or you can have the program shut down after a download finishes and you click to listen to that track. The program also lets you choose how you want it to save your music. The HD option downloads and saves songs in a better quality format when it can, but this option will make your downloads take a little longer to finish.

Some of the issues you might have with this program is that it frequently suggests paid music and it may not find all the music that you want to hear. It gives you the option of searching for songs through Amazon and other sites, but if it finds what you want on one of those sites, you need to pay to download the song. Songr is one of the best choices for those who want to download music from YouTube though because it lets you save copies of every song in your playlist.


  • Downloads songs quickly after you perform a search
  • Makes searching for newer and older music easier
  • Searches multiple sites at the same time
  • Lets you search by artist name, song title or even lyrics
  • Can download content directly from YouTube


  • May not find all the music you want to track down
  • Deletes partial files when you stop or pause downloads
  • Will often show you music that you need to purchase to hear